Cancer Care continues during the Covid-19 crisis

A client of Cancer Support France has praised the way that cancer treatment is continuing in France during the health crisis.
Mary (not her real name) lives in Languedoc. She says:
“The timetable of the course of my treatment has not been affected in any way. I started treatment as planned in the middle of March shortly before the confinement started. As planned, I am having weekly chemo sessions and the procedure at each session is the same as before the arrival of Covid-19. 
The hospital has implemented progressively stricter procedures which is very reassuring and which contribute to making me feel that I am well protected while attending the hospital. I am called the day before my chemo appointment to check that I have not started to display any Covid-19 symptoms ( including other members of my household). Once I get to the hospital only patients are allowed into the hospital buildings.  My temperature is taken outside the hospital and I am given a facemask to wear at all times while on hospital premises. I am also given a squirt of hand sanitizer.  My temperature is taken again before my appointment with the doctor before my chemo session.”
She continued: “ It is obvious that numbers attending the day hospital have been reduced as a result of Covid-19, but this has, in fact speeded up the process. I have seen the same doctor for 4 out of 5 visits though the doctors are spacing their shifts. The alternative doctor who saw me was as thorough as my usual doctor.”
“My pharmacy has liaised with my GP to renew prescriptions to ensure the smooth and continuous supply of my medication. “
Mary said that she did feel more vulnerable to disease as a result of compromised immunity following treatment.  “I am obviously feeling much more vulnerable (having the double vulnerability of being 70 and having cancer, though most people are very understanding and helpful. Many friends and neighbours have offered to help my husband and myself with shopping etc.”
“I am fortunate, however, to be a member and client of Cancer Support France-Languedoc. My association sends out detailed, informative, up to date bulletins on the Covid-19 situation on a regular basis. As well as making sure that members are fully aware of the measures put in place, they are offering helpful suggestions of how to cope with the lockdown.”