CSF National AGM - Cahors

There was a full house in Cahors on 13 March for the national AGM. It was the occasion for the retirement of President Penny Parkinson – thanks were expressed for the energy and commitment she had given over recent years.
Newly elected President Pat Lockett said: “We have been so lucky to have Penny as President. It’s vital that as many people as possible know about what we offer, and Penny has really put us on the map.”
Penny would not be leaving entirely: “She will be staying on to organise our Cycle for Life challenge – this is our main annual fund-raising initiative, and we are glad that we have someone with Penny’s enthusiasm to organise it”.
Pat Lockett turned to the future: “Cancer Support France is in very good shape. We now need to develop the partnerships we have with other organisations; focus on training our volunteers to the highest standards; and, as cancer treatment becomes ever more effective, develop our work to support people as they live beyond cancer.”