Kilimanjaro Climb - Update

Kilimanjaro Climb - Update
Tan and John Forsyth, and Julie Jarvis, have given us an update on their progress towards their Kilimanjaro climb in February (only 2 months to go now!). They are delighted to report that they have raised nearly €2000 so far and are hoping that this will continue to grow over the next few months.   
Julie Jarvis said:"A big thank you to those of you who have sponsored us and given us encouragement to keep us motivated and working hard. And we have been working hard!  We are out walking regularly to try and get lots of kms under our belts, getting used to long hikes and improving our stamina. This is crucial for us as we will be walking every day, for 6 days uphill (a slight understatement given we will be climbing to 6000 metres in height .......frightening!!). We are also doing (almost) daily workouts to improve our strength and cardio, plus we have been practising wearing all our gear and using the necessary equipment including carrying a sizeable rucksack. All of this, in all weather conditions, and with the recent rain and storms this has meant us having to climb over fallen trees, navigating around newly formed flood lakes and jumping over raging torrents. All part of the challenge.     
There is no slacking for us though, as we still have much to do over the next two months. We have to increase the number and length of our hikes and if possible get some altitude training in too."        
If you haven’t already, then there is still time to sponsor Tan, John and Julie, with all donations going directly to CSF. 
 Kilimanjaro Climb - First instalment
Three people are starting work on the challenge of a lifetime to help Cancer Support France. Tan and John Forsyth, and Julie Jarvis, plan to climb Kilimanjaro next February. They are all working hard with their training, getting all their gear in order and sorting out the necessary arrangements.      
Julie Jarvis commented :"This is a life changing challenge for us but we also wanted every step to count for others too. So we are seeking sponsorship to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Support France, who provide an incredible support and guidance service for those suffering with cancer who are non-nationals and living in France.  We hope you will help encourage us and support this worthy cause."
Any donation, large or small will all go directly to Cancer Support France and will be processed through Alvarum (a French version of ‘Just Giving’) which makes it easy and 100% secure.  Go to   to support them.‘