Kilimanjaro Climb - Update 2

Less than a month to go before the brave trio of Julie, Tan and John set off on their expedition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro!
The threesome are delighted to say they have reached their funding target of €3000.  However, if you wish to donate, they are still collecting for Cancer Support France
They leave from Toulouse on 21st February, and arrive at Kilimanjaro Tanzania, via Amsterdam, on 22nd. They get set and ready on 23rd before starting the climb on 24th February. If they are successful (fingers crossed!) and get to the top, they will summit on Leap Year's Day- 29th February. It’s 5 days to complete the ascent and 2 days to get back down. 
Their training seems to be going well. They are now walking up to 65 km per week and have been taking on slightly more challenging routes including parts of the Santiago Compostela pilgrim route. 
For those of you who are interested, here are a few attachments with regard to their trek to the top of Kilimanjaro.
For an outline of their route, take a look at the following link:.
Also, if you wish to ‘follow’ them up the mountain from the safety of your armchair, check out the Kandoo Facebook page below, from 24th February. They will publish daily pictures of their journey and hopefully they will be there and still smiling! 
Here is a short video of a recent trek up Kilimanjaro using the same route. Take a look!
Finally for those of you who still wish to sponsor them, we attach the link to the donation page: