Personal stories

PW's story
My CSF Active Listener came into my life at the end of one journey and the beginning of the next. I had been looking for the right person to help my husband but he died suddenly during his chemotherapy. It was just a week or two prior to his death that my CSF support arrived. My new journey is to learn to live life as a single person, something that I haven't experienced for 42 years. My self confidence was on the floor and I was utterly bewildered as to how to move forward. My Active Listener has been at my side to help with technology, shopping for clothes and going to places that are emotionally difficult. To continue to call him a supporter is to diminish what he has become, which is a true friend. To know that there is someone at the end of a phone or an e mail is hugely reassuring. I had stopped cooking due to my husband's illness, I now cook, I am researching kennel's for my dog so that I can visit the UK. There are so many things that I do now that I couldn't do, I had become frozen with fear and gradually that is reducing, and in so many ways, that is due to my CSF Active Listener, He has supported me and continues to support me in this journey back to being me. Long may he be there in my life. PW
C's Personal Story
"I received a lot of help and support from you (CSF) in the Ariège and Toulouse whilst my husband was sick with leucemia!  Sadly he passed away in May 2016.  CSF was a lifeline for me and made a horrendous time more bearable." C
Walk for Life
CSF sensitively helped me  with my father when he was struggling . Can’t thank them enough. Sometimes it’s difficult to ask for help as a carer but never did they make me feel awkward getting help .
That was 3 years ago and although I don’t need their support directly now, I’m still included in CSF activities. 
We’ve  just done a walk for life which was such fun.
A really good bunch of friendly people.”  
Personal Story

The Cancer helpline was extremely helpful, my gosh! I got to speak to two women who were sooooo helpful.  Have to get back to them

GS Personal Story

""Big Boys Don't Cry - Or Do They?  I am a 72 year old man, had a good hard working life, played contact sports and kept myself fit.  At the age of 67 I was told I had prostate cancer and after the operation I found I was unable to perform simple tasks to the standard I had always set for myself.  I read about CSF  and decided I needed someone to talk to, someone who would understand how I felt inside.   It took 3 phone calls before I was able to talk about how I felt.  Even writing this brings back painful memories.  I found someone I could talk to, who was very understanding of my fears and feelings - being a man it took a lot of convincing to be able to discuss my problem with anyone.  Thank you CSF for the help you gave me and my wife - I will always be grateful to the members who helped me. ""