Today, 4th Feb, is World Cancer Day

It is the 20th anniversary of World Cancer Day.

At the start of the millennium, 4 February was declared World Cancer Day. It began with six cancer experts who convened in Paris in 1999. With the year 2000 imminent, the group was determined that the global challenge of cancer would not be forgotten in the new century

In two decades, we have achieved incredible progress. This week as we look forward to World Cancer Day, we’re also looking back, reflecting upon the advances that have been made with our 20-year timeline of progress. The timeline shows that with intention and action, progress is possible.

Check out the World Cancer Day website at to see all the things going on today. 

They also have a facebook page where they are broadcasting live from 6am CET featuring supporters from around the world sharing what they are doing to mark World Cancer Day

Also see their twitter account