World Cancer Day

Did you know that 4th Feb was World Cancer Day, an annual global event designed to raise people's awareness of cancer? 

Here's what Penny Parkinson, CSF President has to say about the history of World Cancer Day.

"It began on the 4th February 2000, the date that the World Summit against Cancer for the New Millenium adopted the Paris Charter.  This Charter promotes research to cure as well as prevent the disease, aims to improve services to patients and mobilises the global community against cancer.

 Article 10 of the Charter designated 4th February as World Cancer Day to ensure that the Charter of Paris "would remain in the hearts and minds of people around the world."

 With a slogan of "We Can.  I can." World Cancer day encourages us all, both collectively and individually to play our part.    Here in CSF, our associations use their fundraising activities to raise awareness of cancer and participate with others in campaigns promoting screening.  As individuals, we can also play a part, however small, to support these initiatives."

 Do go and have a look at the World Cancer Day website It is truly inspiring to see how many people are taking part, from businesses, cancer organisations, cities, governments, healthcare professionals, schools as well as many individuals. There is a live twitter feed showing people tweeting from all over the world about what they are doing to get involved in the day. As a cancer sufferer, carer or volunteer, the day shows you that you are not alone.