With summer around the corner, perhaps you are considering a trip to Paris. Why not drop in on this exhibition while you are there.

The exhibition ‘Cancers’, running in Paris until August 2023, has chosen to put the patient at its heart, but also care personnel and carers, using numerous personal stories of life during and after cancer.

It also allows visitors to better understand the illness and its treatments, displaying current scientific knowledge and also covering treatment mechanisms such as conventional therapies (radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery) and new ones (immunotherapy, hormone therapy). It includes sections on risk factors, prevention and screening.

In its desire to provide service to the public, the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie positions the ‘Cancers’ exhibition to make the illness better known (still often taboo in many aspects), and to offer to the public the promising evolutions in research.

Ian Salvage – January 2023