CSF held its second very successful Train the Trainer Day in November at the Toulouse Oncopole.  The following day saw the Trainers’ Conference and finally, on day three, there was a National Committee meeting.  The facilities offered to us by the Oncopole are excellent; there is on-site hotel accommodation and a restaurant which did a special ‘formule‘ for us each evening.  A relaxed dinner was a perfect way to get to know each other.

Now we are in year two and can see the obvious benefits of these three days, we are planning them as annual events.   As President, I was invited to attend all three days and cannot emphasise enough, the benefits gained by these opportunities to share, together. France is a big country and the challenges faced by each Association are different. This gives a chance to appreciate the problems of others and also, to benefit from their support, as we all work towards the same aim of supporting those touched by cancer.

November 2017